About Us

Your home is your sanctuary, it is a reflection of you. That is why at VB Luxury Interiors, we want to make filling your home with personality a creative and fulfilling experience. Our lifestyle brand brings all the elegance, luxury, and glamour to your home that our trendsetting customers desire.

We care about helping you achieve your dream home, that provides a perfect living space for you and your family. Our business ethos comes from a personal place. VB Luxury Interiors was founded by Vickey Bains, a mother of two, a wife, and a homemaker who has always loved interior design. She has always had a passion for interiors that stand out and has always wanted to make a statement with her own home.


While personally Vickey has always been passionate about interior design and décor, this has not always been her profession. Whilst designing the living spaces of her own home, Vickey maintained a career in business and finance. This mixture of business expertise and love for interiors is what has made VB Luxury Interiors possible, as it is the perfect combination of her knowledge and passion. VB Luxury Interiors is proud to put this knowledge and eye for detail to good use, to inspire you to achieve your own dream interiors, and make your house truly homely and welcoming, whilst creating a contemporary and opulent edge.


Vickey’s outlook towards interior design and décor entirely shapes VB Luxury Interiors. She sees her home as a reflection of herself and wants to create spaces that provide a comforting ambience for her as well as an inviting warmth for her family and friends. She has always believed in the power of awe-inspiring interiors and views the home as a place in which people can come together. Her signature décor style tends towards luxurious glamour, from hand-picked ornaments to soft furnishings, mirrors and accessories. This can be seen extensively in our range of products. We believe firmly that any space within the home can be multifunctional and maintain both a stylish elegance and a cosy ambience.

Decorating your house’s interior is what transforms a house into a comforting and energizing home. In the VB Luxury Interiors collection, you will find a range of unique and stylish pieces that will elevate your living space to the height of luxurious fashion. When your living space reflects you, it becomes a place of joy and solace. VB Luxury Interiors has the extensive range of glamorous home décor to make this possible in your home.

Explore our collection and let VB Luxury Interiors help you create a lifestyle that can be glamorous, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time.